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April 2011

“Too Many Leaders Fail To Live Up To Their Potential, Because They Stop Working On Themselves”(Harvard Business Review, 2011) This quote captures the essence of the seminar that I’ll be teaching this summer at the University of Montana. Its designed

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High Accountability of Micromanagement

With superheated competition and a comprehensive examination of everyone and everything in business, these days, the question often asked me is: “How do I know when I’m being a high accountability, very effective manager; or being a micromanaging harasser?” In

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February 2011

The twenty-four hour news cycle initiated by cable television, has tended to trivialize the notion of “history in the making.” But these last two weeks have truly brought life to the concept. Both in the Middle East and North Africa,

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“Recruiting Is Back”

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the gains realized from the additional productivity of the post-meltdown workforce have been maxed-out. In addition, the culture as a whole has begun to adapt to a smaller and less acquisitive lifestyle and, consequently,

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January 2011

The New Year starts out, for me, with a number of new ventures and adventures. As many of you are already aware, I recently completed a unique learning project with two friends and colleagues – Frank Sarr and John Stout.

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Fear and Loathing at the Water Cooler

Fear and Loathing at the Water Cooler: 5 Ways to Counter the Recession Related Employee Underground of Anxiety, Aggression, and Shame If you’ve noticed employees behaving oddly these days, it’s probably not your imagination. Two things are happening with the

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October/November 2010

I consider the introduction to the newsletter my opportunity to share interesting, miscellaneous tidbits.  So here are three. 1.     Last week, during my travels around the country, I went through security at a small airport in North Carolina and saw

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Six Ways You Sabotage Your Leadership Ability

With all your credentials your leadership skills should be impeccable. You have an MBA from Harvard or some other prestigious business school. You’ve taken every executive certification program that’s come down the pike. You’ve been trained, coached, counseled and seminar-ed

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September 2010

It’s not your imagination – there was no August newsletter. I’m right in the middle of one of those “good news/bad news” scenarios. I haven’t been this busy in a long time (I’ve been “rediscovered” – alas, in my late

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75 Surprising Truths On Thriving In Today’s Workplace

In an era where information travels and technology spreads almost instantaneously, success requires that we look inside ourselves for solutions to our work-related problems. Morris Shechtman, author of Fifth Wave Leadership: The Internal Frontier offers the following pithy insights on

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