Executive Coaching

Leaders face two fundamental challenges in their lives – forces residing in the outside world that can literally change everything overnight; and forces residing in their inside world that determine how they react to and cope with the external challenges. They have limited control over the outside forces but potentially, total control over the inside ones, if they have a broad and deep understanding of what I call their Internal Frontier. Fifth Wave Executive Coaching delivers the awareness and power that creates clarity, confidence, and direction in the personal and professional lives of leaders.

Most leaders are a combination of conscious competence and unconscious competence. They know very well some of what they do that works superbly; and they are equally clueless about other areas. When it comes to knowing why things work (or don’t work), there are significant areas of their lives in which they don’t know what they don’t know. As a good friend of mine puts it, “Sometimes leaders are guided missiles; and sometimes they’re misguided missiles.”

What can you expect? What you can depend upon and be guaranteed, in a coaching relationship with me, is:
  • A confidante who has your best interests at heart
  • A trusted advisor who will always give you honest, open, and direct feedback
  • A counselor who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear
  • A completely confidential relationship in which you can talk about anything of concern in your personal and professional life.
So how does this coaching relationship translate into practical deliverables? You can count on the following:
  • The creation of a personal vision and mission that informs and unifies all your choices and decisions – at work and at home
  • A refinement and clarification of your core values and their translation into hands-on tools for managing the incessant flow of information in your life
  • The elimination of a minimum of two significant behaviors that get in your way as a leader
  • The development of skills that will allow you to become a high intimacy, low maintenance relationship builder
  • The ability to get results through efficient, effective, and impactful meetings
  • The ability to use feedback, listening, and observational skills to serve as a catalyst and facilitator of team-building and self-managed learning
  • The ability to enhance relationships by learning confrontation effectiveness
  • The ability to use your own self-information to grow and develop others
  • The ability to organize, refine, and articulate a process for identifying and promoting the talent in your environment
  • Decreasing your sense of isolation in your leadership role
  • Feeling good about your contributions to all the important relationships in your life.
What does the program look like, practically? It contains the following elements:
  1. Comprehensive, in-depth personal and professional review
  2. A monthly hour and a half phone consultation
  3. Unlimited short phone calls (under 15 minutes)
  4. Email communication as needed
  5. Assessment and recalibration of objectives at the sixth month and one year juncture.

The fees are based on a monthly retainer and a minimum commitment of one year is required.

To engage Morrie or to schedule an exploratory conversation, email him at morrie.shechtman@gmail.com or call his office at (406) 260-7631.