Year: 2012

“New Lows In Customer Service: The Art Of Malicious Compliance.”

As I travel around the country, the epidemic of indirectly hostile behaviours, directed toward consumers/customers, becomes more and more apparent. These are behaviours that say, primarily non-verbally: “I will do what I’ve been trained to do; say what I’m supposed

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“Pretty Woman Syndrome: Helping Good-Looking People Overcome Their Handicap”

A few weeks ago, I was facilitating an accountability group with eight financial services professionals. As people came into the room, I couldn’t help but notice a very attractive young woman, dressed in a manner that was designed to draw

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March 2012

Are you looking for a life-changing experience – career-wise and personally? If you are, you need to sign up for “The Leadership Imperative: Managing Yourself for Growth and Change;” the Executive Education Seminar that I’ll be teaching this summer through

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February 2012

This is a Morrie “News Alert”! Unlike the overuse of this term by the media (especially Fox News), this is really important. The date of the Executive Education Seminar has been changed. The new date is June 15 – 17,

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